About Us

One day my 10 year old daughter, a lover of butterflies, asked for a cocoon pendant for her birthday.  We started looking online and found many beautiful options but none that she was drawn to.  This led her to describe what she wanted, a cocoon that opened with a butterfly inside with wings that would fold out.  This way she could wear it as a shiny cocoon, or open it to wear it as a butterfly, "depending on her mood." 

So... we started searching again and found nothing.  This led us to ask; why not design it ourselves?  Why can't two humans, regardless of size or world experience, with zero experience in the jewelry business start a jewelry company?

It started as a sketch which let to working with a CAD designer to help us develop the files necessary for production.  With designs in-hand we contacted over 120 jewelry manufacturers around the globe - this is where things got interesting... every single jewelry manufacturer said it was too difficult to produce.  This would not deter us, maybe for a minute, but after that minute and a milkshake we were more determined than ever!

I then made a list of auto part manufacturers, yes auto parts - metal is metal right? The very first one I sent the designs to said, "No problem, we can build this for you."  From there we had to figure out the enameling process, plating, and establish a working understanding of metallurgy and here we are - offering you the world's first completely kinetic folding butterfly cocoon pendant and necklace. 

We truly hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it!