FlutterSpark - Charmingly Quirky!

It is rare that I get to see and write about something truly exciting in the jewelry trade, beautiful yes, but exciting not often – this week however FlutterSpark has me obsessed.

Have you ever owned a beautiful piece of jewelry and just felt like it is similar to all the other available worn ornaments in the room? Enter FlutterSpark; an exquisite and charmingly quirky ornament that meets all the qualifications of a truly unique, and guaranteed to be a collectible, piece. It is designed in the shape of a cocoon that opens to a butterfly with folding wings. Everything about this feels authentic, individual, and like nothing I’ve ever seen in the jewelry market.

FlutterSpark has an exciting history that explains its very eclectic presence. Before its entry into the market, FlutterSpark faced a challenge in the actualization of its production as imagined by the original proposer of its design. That original designer is Emma, a 10 year old girl who described to her Dad in great detail what butterfly jewelry should not only look like, but how it should move.  This father and daughter duo set out learning CAD (Computer Aided Design) and purchased a 3D printer to begin their quest.  Once they landed on an Emma approved designed they were turned away by over 120 jewelry manufacturers who said it was too difficult to produce.  Undeterred, and thinking metal is metal, they contacted auto-parts manufacturers and found a partner willing to manufacture the project.

Being kinetic jewelry in that it has moving parts which allow it to be manipulated and take different forms makes it flexible for use on a variety of occasions. Moreover, many jewelry insiders are calling it an instant collectible for several reasons; The compelling genesis story, it is something you’d never see from a traditional jeweler, and each production run is small and different from the first as they continue to make minor adjustments. My colleague described it as a mix between something you’d see in a Harry Potter movie and a Dr. Seuss book with a simplistic mechanism and complex design which combines both boldness and beauty in one piece.

Not long after the first batch was produced, it was an instant success in the market with the first order being sold out by Christmas and a third order in place soon after entry into the marketplace. FlutterSpark is a hit due to the fact nothing in jewelry looks anything like it, the ambition of what it is makes it impossible to categorize or fully describe – when asked I keep coming back to “charmingly quirky.” It is what happens when a blank canvas is met with mechanics and the wild imagination of youth. As per the history of the product, the symbolic nature of change can be related to girls at every dynamic stage of life. Women can relate to the change represented by the kinetic property of the ornament, meaning that the piece further serves to portray a more profound meaning which can be explained to admirers beyond the basic satisfaction of beauty.

The jewelry is designed with a shape of a cocoon and peanut shell texturing coming in a variety of color. The butterfly wings are hand-enameled to match various natural species. The price is surprisingly inexpensive at around $80, discounted from the pre-Christmas price of $127. As a way of giving back, FlutterSpark is especially focused on donating to organizations that help disadvantaged girls.  Retailers are having a hard time keeping them in stock but they can be ordered at, just be patient, as I write this I’m told they are struggling to keep up with demand – a great problem to have.

Margaret Wiley - JCK International
January 8, 2018